Winter Prep

It’s been unseasonably cold here. These pictures were taken last week.

I wasn’t quite ready for winter, but survived. Had 3000 watts of heat on inside, which kept thing above freezing, but not exactly cozy.

I finally built a panel to accommodate a second 30 amp service, and today added it and ran cords to supply the engine room heater and an additional baseboard heater.

Now I’ve got 60 amps available @110 v, and it’s toasty warm inside.

Next up is getting the cover on. I’m going to use my existing winter storage cover

It’s going to need some modifications, but I’ll get the frame on and try it this week. Wednesday looks nice for outdoor work.


Got back to Toronto today and am hunkered down on Mazurka as a front goes through. Very gusty west winds blowing down the western gap. Lots of movement and noise. I kind of like it.

My next major mission is winter prep. Shrink wrapping Tin Lizzie, and getting Mazurka ready for a winter in the ice. I brought two new 3/4 hp de-icers back. Think I know what I have to get done before winter sets in.

More to follow.