Lunenburg, Again

Sorry for my silence.  I got a new cheap phone in August and ran out of memory.  Back in action now.

I’m back in Lunenburg today.  I like it here, and it’s been a home base for the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been traveling locally, visiting ashore a bit.  My uncle joined me for a few days.  Weather has been great.  I’ve been as far West as Port Mouton.


I flew back to Halifax Monday, and Tuesday headed for Lunenburg. An easy straight run down the coast.

I’ve never been here before, by land or sea. It’s very picturesque. In the interest of exploring the area, I circled the peninsula before entering the front harbour.

My friends Layton and Tim have a home in Blue Rocks, so that was my vague destination when I came in at dusk on Tuesday. I anchored in a narrow channel called East Point Gut. Wednesday I circled north around and through the ledges and then through the islands to get to Lunenburg back harbour.

Layton and Tim picked me up for lunch, then Layton joined me for the trip back around the peninsula and in to Lunenburg front harbour. Lovely trip. These pics are his.

Thursday the remnants of Ida came through. Not a ton of rain but lots of wind. I was anchored here and was relatively unsheltered from the SE breeze. It blew up to 35+ knots for a while before shifting west.

In my usual slapdash fashion I tied up my dinghy with the light painter on Wednesday. I have a heavier one for towing, but don’t usually use it at anchor. When it blew up on Thursday by the time I thought to go secure the dinghy it was gone. The light painter had failed. So I spent the day and evening on the boat maintaining a storm watch. It had been blowing from the east when this happened so I knew the dinghy was somewhere up the harbour.

Later in the day I called the local chandlery, The Boat Locker, and immediately got Doug, who had my dinghy. As it turns out, the harbour Master had found the boat at the east end of the harbour and delivered it by truck to Doug. My instincts were good.

Today I took Escapade in to retrieve the dinghy, and resettled in at anchor. Had a nice day ashore and returned with a few groceries.

My plans are vague. The US remains closed to recreational boat entry. I had maintained some hope over the summer of being able to head south, but it’s faint hope at this point.

So I’m mulling over winter plans for me and the boat as I cruise the south shore. It’s all new territory for me from here down. I’ll try to remember to take pics.