Laser Racing

I’m in Jensen Beach FL competing in the ICLA Master Midwinters. The US Sailing Center here does a great job of hosting and running the event, and I’ve done the event several times, but not in the last few years.

Yesterday was a great day of racing. I flubbed a couple of races, but got things figured out as the day went on. Currently sitting at 31st place in a fleet of 47.

Today racing has been delayed due to lack of wind. We may get out this afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday look great.

I have a newer boat that I bought two years ago and this is my second time racing. It felt good. I’ve lost weight, and didn’t suffer from boat speed issues yesterday.

I like this fleet. Lots of familiar faces, and deep talent. There is an age-based handicap system that allows the older folks to remain competitive.

My old friend David is racing as well, and he and his wife Laura have set up their trailer in Indiantown about 45 minute drive away. I’m staying with them.

Results here: