Deep Freeze

It’s been consistently cold since I last wrote. Overnight negative teens regularly.

That’s a winter hat I’ve had for 30 years. It doesn’t come out often.

I quite like this weather, and there aren’t many people out. I’ve been walking 7+ km daily between Susan’s place and Escapade. Nice to be out.

The boat is fine. Ice is comfortably at bay and cover is intact. I leave a 1500w heater on forward, and all thermostats set to 8C when I’m off the boat. Lots of heat in the ER from the furnace exhaust.

I finally had to fetch fuel a few days ago. No big deal to get 80l in four cans and dump it in. There is a fuel station two blocks away. I’m using about 10l per day on average, but that will get better once the weather breaks.

I’ve been sort of lollygagging the last few months, getting through the dark period and COVID lock down, and spending some time with Susan. She has just completed a fairly long and arduous experimental treatment for Parkinson Disease.

Now as I look at the calendar I realize that I should be on a path to being fully under way in 10 weeks. Time to get to work!

Uninstalled boat parts


Winter in the marina. I finally hung a de-icer off the stern today.

It’s been well below freezing here for the past week or so, but this is the first time I’ve had ice encroachment. My neighbor in front has kept a big pool open with his system.

I’m quite confident I can keep my second unit dry. On my limited shore power I basically swap 1500w heaters for bubblers. Now I’m down to one heater from two.

Here are a few pics walking to the boat this afternoon. Beautiful and sunny, but chilly.