Nice evening here. I can keep a close eye on Mazurka from the nearest park bench.

I had a nice dinner out with Samantha and Sarah, then put up holiday lights. I was hoping to see them from here, but the cover is too thick and there’s a lot of light pollution. At least I’m showing a bit to my dock neighbors.

Inside I have colours across the top. Not great pics but a nice effect with the lights dimmed inside.

All good aboard. Had a couple of cold nights below -10C and survived nicely. Haven’t had any significant ice yet. I have bubblers hung and ready to go, but the forecast through the new year looks benign.


My intent had been to use my storage cover, but Genco quoted $1000 and three weeks to make the necessary modifications. Even after that it would have been inferior to shrink wrapping in several respects, notably light and having a framed door for entry. So I used the frame and decided to shrink wrap.

Petr the dockmaster helped me on Thursday, and with his help it was pretty easy. As I was late deciding there was limited inventory of wrap, so I had 14′ width white. Next time I’ll get clear full width. Doing the seaming was a lot of extra work.

Today put things to the test, with snow, hail and freezing rain and strong east winds. The cover performed well, stable and tight. There’s a lot of windage, and the boat was moving around a lot, and heeling in the gusts. I kind of like it.

In other news, I installed a heated mattress pad in my berth. I realized that the area under the V berth is essentially unheated, and had been a bit cold sleeping. This solves for that.

It’s very comfortable aboard, with 6000 watts of electric heat installed, cycling on thermostats. But I won’t have that much available once I’m running bubblers. Think it’ll be ok.

I like this marina and community. There are about 45 boats here for the winter. This is going to be fun.