Lunch stop on my way back to the boat

I just got back here, and dropped Susan, Miles and Avery off. Now am anchored at the head of Colpoy Bay in front of the public dock. I like this spot. It’s exposed to the NE but good holding. Easy to get in to town via the public launch area.

I drove my scooter up here last Thursday, and Susan joined me that evening and we took off. Meandered up to Tobermory and back. She took hundreds of pics so I’ll ask her for a selection and post them here.

I’ve been giving some thought to winter plans, which will dictate fall travel plans. For now I’m happy to be hanging out in a beautiful area of Ontario. Will be coming and going locally for the next few weeks.

Crossing My Wake

I’m in Wiarton. Yesterday I noodled down to a late lunch at Gillies in Snug Harbour, then headed across the Bay. Got in here after dark. Nice weather.

I’ve completed another Great Loop. We were here 23 months ago on the way to Toronto. I’ll have to gather some stats, but we’ve traveled a little over 9,400 nautical miles since then.

Filled up with fuel and water. Used 235 litres of fuel to travel 361 NM in six days, much of it at slow speeds.

Tomorrow Susan is joining me for a few days. Not sure where we’ll go, but weather looks nice. Lots of choices.

North Channel

Wow.  It’s been five days of working my way east on the north shore since I left Bruce Mines.  A lot of it was new to me.  I basically followed the shoreline as closely as I could.  Lots of fun. 

I’m now anchored here in Pointe au Baril. Last night was at Bad River, and the night before was in MacGregor Bay.  The previous night was near Whitefish Falls.  

I was especially happy to get up to MacGregor Island and the tip of Killarney Park.  I’d like to go back there and try to get up to Iroquois Bay.  It looks doable, but tricky.  Would need a bow spotter for rocks in a few places.

Hello Canada!

It’s nice to be back.

Approaching Mackinac bridge

From Manastique I went to Beaver Island. Nice trip. Anchored in the harbour and dined ashore. At first I couldn’t remember whether I’d eaten before at the local restaurant. Once the food arrived I remembered that I had. Note to future self: walk down the road to the second restaurant next time.

Yesterday was another nice run, to De Tour, where I anchored here just off the port bow of the John W Boardman. While I didn’t take any pics of the ship cottage I did take a picture of the lighthouse marking the passage northbound to Lake Superior.

This morning I came around the east side of St Joseph’s Island and in to Bruce Mines, where I cleared customs and fueled up. I’m now anchored here just off the marina. Mallory picked me up this evening and we had dinner in The Soo and loaded up with groceries. Tomorrow I head east.

For the segment from Chicago to here I traveled 547 NM over ten days and burned 455 l of fuel.

Batteries and electrical is all good. I’ve been playing with regulator and solar configurations to optimize for lithium. Motor is running great. I wasn’t able to remedy or diagnose the AP failure. But I haven’t minded steering as much as I thought I would. I have a good unit on Tin Lizzie that I’ll fetch next time I’m in Guelph.