Hello Canada!

It’s nice to be back.

Approaching Mackinac bridge

From Manastique I went to Beaver Island. Nice trip. Anchored in the harbour and dined ashore. At first I couldn’t remember whether I’d eaten before at the local restaurant. Once the food arrived I remembered that I had. Note to future self: walk down the road to the second restaurant next time.

Yesterday was another nice run, to De Tour, where I anchored here just off the port bow of the John W Boardman. While I didn’t take any pics of the ship cottage I did take a picture of the lighthouse marking the passage northbound to Lake Superior.

This morning I came around the east side of St Joseph’s Island and in to Bruce Mines, where I cleared customs and fueled up. I’m now anchored here just off the marina. Mallory picked me up this evening and we had dinner in The Soo and loaded up with groceries. Tomorrow I head east.

For the segment from Chicago to here I traveled 547 NM over ten days and burned 455 l of fuel.

Batteries and electrical is all good. I’ve been playing with regulator and solar configurations to optimize for lithium. Motor is running great. I wasn’t able to remedy or diagnose the AP failure. But I haven’t minded steering as much as I thought I would. I have a good unit on Tin Lizzie that I’ll fetch next time I’m in Guelph.

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