Snow and east winds today, and more due overnight.

All is good aboard. I have a much bigger electrical service this year, and had 9000 watts of electric heat running today. Very comfortable. My plan is to use mostly electric for heat over the winter.

Next week I’ll get the shrink wrap on.

Loop Two – Costs

I mentioned earlier that I had crossed my wake in Wiarton. That was technically true, in that I could lay claim to a platinum burgee.  But really the trip that just ended started here in late May 2021, 17 months ago. 

Some numbers:

Distance Traveled: 10,007 NM / 18,500 km

Engine hours: 1,537 @ 1.4 gph 5.5 l/hr

Furnace hours: 958 @ 1.7 l/hr

Generator hours: 0

Total fuel used: 10,050 l

For propulsion that’s an average of 0.84 l/NM or 4.5 NM/gal.

Fuel price varied, but total was about CDN$15.500.

Other costs, largely from memory:

lock passes: $1,100

Dockage and mooring: $1,100

Equipment additions and upgrades: $9,500

     – this includes LiFePo house bank, inverter/charger, spare prop & line cutter

Repairs and maintenance: $17,000

    – this includes shaft replacement, engine shimming, prop repairs (X2), hauling, paint, oil changes, etc.  Also $6,500 in motor repair costs – injectors, injection pump and ECM.

Travel to and from boat: $2,500

Insurance: $2,300

Total: C$49,000

I should note that I had about $15k allocated for initial boat improvements that were still pending when I left. That was planned spending commissioning my new-to-me boat, rather than ongoing costs.

So, $34k for 17 months travel. I can live with that.

Interestingly sitting still doesn’t save much money. Winter dockage costs here are about $10k for six months, including power & heat.