Loop Two – Costs

I mentioned earlier that I had crossed my wake in Wiarton. That was technically true, in that I could lay claim to a platinum burgee.  But really the trip that just ended started here in late May 2021, 17 months ago. 

Some numbers:

Distance Traveled: 10,007 NM / 18,500 km

Engine hours: 1,537 @ 1.4 gph 5.5 l/hr

Furnace hours: 958 @ 1.7 l/hr

Generator hours: 0

Total fuel used: 10,050 l

For propulsion that’s an average of 0.84 l/NM or 4.5 NM/gal.

Fuel price varied, but total was about CDN$15.500.

Other costs, largely from memory:

lock passes: $1,100

Dockage and mooring: $1,100

Equipment additions and upgrades: $9,500

     – this includes LiFePo house bank, inverter/charger, spare prop & line cutter

Repairs and maintenance: $17,000

    – this includes shaft replacement, engine shimming, prop repairs (X2), hauling, paint, oil changes, etc.  Also $6,500 in motor repair costs – injectors, injection pump and ECM.

Travel to and from boat: $2,500

Insurance: $2,300

Total: C$49,000

I should note that I had about $15k allocated for initial boat improvements that were still pending when I left. That was planned spending commissioning my new-to-me boat, rather than ongoing costs.

So, $34k for 17 months travel. I can live with that.

Interestingly sitting still doesn’t save much money. Winter dockage costs here are about $10k for six months, including power & heat.

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