Escapade Fuel Stats – 21 months

I’ve been looking at my fuel logs for Escapade.  I bought the boat 21 months ago and have been mostly aboard and traveling since then.

Here are summary fuel numbers as of my last fill-up.  I won’t refuel until September when I’m back aboard. Maybe prices will be lower then. Or not.

Distance traveled: 8,219 NM / 15,223 km / 9,458 miles

Engine hours: 1,314

Furnace hours: 1,426

Fuel Used (diesel): 9,251 l / 2,444 gallons

The furnace uses 1.7 l/hr.  So heat and hot water used 2,424 l. That’s a lot, more than 25% of the total burn.    This includes a winter in Toronto and lots of shoulder season.  I’ve got a list of simple improvements that I know will bring down the heating costs for the future. 

On the propulsion side that leaves 6,826 l / 1,803 gal.  1.37 gal/hr.  4.75 NM/gal or 5.45 mpg.

Average speed was 6.5 knots.

That’s fabulous mileage.  It got better as I went along, partly because I gradually slowed down, but repropping and new injectors helped a bit too.

Summer Plans

I’ve been docked at Crowley’s for 4 weeks now. Was in Ontario for a visit, and am now back in Chicago helping out in the yard during their spring launch season.

Escapade will get hauled in a few weeks and stay ashore here for the summer, getting some professional attention. Minor glass and paint repairs and engine and generator service.

I’m leaving in early June to sail a Beneteau 345 from Chicago to Port Elgin ON with the new owner, who is completely new to sailing.

The new boat I was hinting about earlier is a MacGregor 65 Pilothouse sailboat. I’ll try to write a post with my complete rationale, but I’m excited at the possibilities for that boat. Negotiations haven’t concluded, but I’ve left July and August open to sail around the lakes in this boat.

Escapade needs to be back in Canada by mid November to satisfy my cruising permit conditions. So I’ve blocked off September for a cruise up to Canada in Escapade. I’m thinking North Channel is probably beautiful that time of year.

Bruce suggested the name Guttersnipe for the MacGregor. It’s my current favourite.

A few random pics – I really like watching the commercial traffic go in and out the Calumet River.