Escapade Fuel Stats – 21 months

I’ve been looking at my fuel logs for Escapade.  I bought the boat 21 months ago and have been mostly aboard and traveling since then.

Here are summary fuel numbers as of my last fill-up.  I won’t refuel until September when I’m back aboard. Maybe prices will be lower then. Or not.

Distance traveled: 8,219 NM / 15,223 km / 9,458 miles

Engine hours: 1,314

Furnace hours: 1,426

Fuel Used (diesel): 9,251 l / 2,444 gallons

The furnace uses 1.7 l/hr.  So heat and hot water used 2,424 l. That’s a lot, more than 25% of the total burn.    This includes a winter in Toronto and lots of shoulder season.  I’ve got a list of simple improvements that I know will bring down the heating costs for the future. 

On the propulsion side that leaves 6,826 l / 1,803 gal.  1.37 gal/hr.  4.75 NM/gal or 5.45 mpg.

Average speed was 6.5 knots.

That’s fabulous mileage.  It got better as I went along, partly because I gradually slowed down, but repropping and new injectors helped a bit too.

One thought on “Escapade Fuel Stats – 21 months”

  1. The best I could get with my 31 ‘ Bayliner with the twin Yamahas on it was 2.2 MPG and i thought that was good!


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