Into the Lakes

I haven’t been posting because I’ve largely been ashore in Chicago. I did get out on the lake a couple of weeks ago to help Bruce get Pippa to her summer slip.

That’s Escapade in the first couple of pics.

Friday I left Chicago to sail a Beneteau 345 to Port Elgin ON. This was arranged a couple of months ago when Bruce introduced me to the new owner Glenn. He flew in Thursday evening and we managed to get underway Friday around 5 pm.

Glenn had no prior sailing experience, I had tried to caution about delays due to weather or equipment issues, and had my usual trepidation around the trip. It’s about 450 NM up Lake Michigan and across Lake Huron, with the direct route crossing 100 miles between shores.

As it turned out, we motored all but a couple of hours, and never encountered significant wind or seas. A pleasant motorboat ride. We arrived in Port Elgin at noon Wednesday. Apart from brief refueling stops at Ludington and Rogers City our only stop was Mackinac Island, where we arrived late Sunday and left Tuesday morning.

We used 45 gallons of fuel, so about 10 NM/gal. About 2/3 gph at 6.5 knots.

Escapade is in the shed in Chicago. I’m hanging with family in Ontario, trying to get motorcycle licencing, and plotting my next boating adventures.

One thought on “Into the Lakes”

  1. Jeff, I always enjoy reading about your boating adventures. Continue to enjoy your passion. I am wondering when the book will be going to print?


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