So, whenever I get my motor issues sorted, I will get back underway and continue on.  

My plan all along has been to head for Ottawa via the Rideau Canal.  Last year I got almost to Kingston then headed south to Oswego.

Since I came west last year via the Erie Canal I thought I should exit Lake Erie through the Welland, stop in Toronto for a few days, then head for the Murray Canal.  All waters that I have yet to travel fully.

Beyond Ottawa my plans have been hazy.  Likely down the Ottawa to Montreal, then a choice of coming back up the St Lawrence or downriver a bit.  The Chambly Canal has always fascinated me, and leads to the US border and the north end of Lake Champaign, which leads the the Hudson River which leads to the Erie Canal.  But where to end up?  How far to go?  I have no idea :-). No sense getting too far ahead of myself.  I have no real commitments for at least a month and am not planning beyond that.

I should say that last year I had three segments that were for me the highlights, in no particular order

  • The western part of the Trent Severn, particularly from Lake Simco to the Kawartha Lakes
  • The small boat passage in Georgian Bay between Port Severn and Killarny.  God’s country, particularly north.
  • The Erie Canal

I also thought that this year would be a good reason to stay in Canada.  Suffice to say that I am a proud Canadian.  

But I have to say the Erie Canal is calling me.  I think it’s mostly due to my aversion to open water.  Am going to noodle on that a bit.

One thought on “Routing”

  1. The nice thing about traveling is you really don’t need a plan. You can just go where the whim takes you. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of making a plan, but the lesson is in the letting go.


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