Long point

Fascinating place.  My local buddies in Port Rowan suggested this place, and it’s my new favorite anchorage.  I’m in this little pool right at the provincial park – there is a boat ramp on the other side of some weeds, but now there is no sign of civilization.  I can hear the waves on the beach on the opposite side of the spit.

Port Rowan is farther away, and that’s where my car is, and restaurants, but I’m self sufficient for a day or two.  It’s a 10 minute dinghy ride if  calm, and if not I can go across in the mother ship. Apparently there are park showers a short dinghy ride away.  Will explore tomorrow.

Some progress on the motor, trying to take it one day at a time, but am getting a bit frustrated.  But then if I have to be stuck anywhere I’m happy to be here.  Another beautiful evening, clear and big moon.

Edit:. Wrote this Sunday but forgot to publish.  Am home tonight (Monday) left the boat smuggled into that great anchorage.

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