To Welland or not to Welland

So I sort of had my sons lined up for the big Welland Canal segment tomorrow.  You aren’t allowed to go through alone on the boat, so I needed passengers.

Now in my own little bubble I have for a long time thought of this as being a local trip of a lifetime.  I am happy to share my incredible fortune of being able to actually make the trip with friends and family.  It’s a win-win situation.

But when I shopped this around I didn’t get the excited rush of responses I was expecting.  Eventually Miles and his friend Brad were planning to come (with dates) but only because it was Brad’s only day off this summer and he likes hanging on the boat.  We had some good times last summer.  I like him a lot.

And then I did a bit more research, and this is not a pleasure cruise.  You join a highly coordinated flow of commercial traffic.  It takes something like 12 hours and there is no stopping, lots of waiting, and being tossed around in very large locks.  You do what you are told.

So after further angst around timing and logistics, change of plan.  Kids are coming, but we’re not going down the canal.  We’re heading back into Lake Erie.  There is a great beach around the corner where we can anchor, chill, swim and play.  And I’m rethinking my desire to take Mazurka through the Welland.  Maybe it’s not the trip of a lifetime.  The Erie Canal is right around the corner and I *love* that trip.

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