Plan was to stop for a late lunch, but I like it so much I’m sticking around.  I missed stopping here when I came through last year.

    There’s so much history here.  The Erie Canal played a pivotal role in the development of the Midwest, and indeed in the way the country developed in the 19th century.  See

    I think there was a long period in the 20th century when the canal stopped being relevant and people sort of turned their backs on it.  But that’s turned around.  Original buildings are now being preserved and rejuvenated, and almost every community has added services for visiting boaters.  There is also a rail trail running the entire length which is becoming more popular.

    Here they built a boater welcome centre staffed by volunteers, and it’s very well done.  Dedicated showers and laundry for boaters, dockside power and water.  Paid a nominal $12 for the night.  In many communities it’s all free, but services vary.

    They are not mobbed.  Three boats tied up today, and they could take 15-20.  Apart from a few kayaks and small fishing boats I saw four boats underway between Lockport and here today.  

    Stopped at another little community before here.  Each one has its own interesting story.  Passed a sign in another village saying ‘Population: just about right’ but couldn’t get my camera out quick enough.

    Now I’m showered, well fed, and have hot water on the boat for the first time in a while… Am going to wash dishes and clean up aboard. 

    I should also mention that one of my other reasons for stopping and staying is that there are stores close by where I can buy motor oil as well as groceries etc. Not out of the woods on my motor – it’s running fine but using a lot of oil.  I thought it might self-heal, but so far no joy.  Not going to lose any more sleep over this for now.  I’m happy to keep dumping oil in for the next few days, or maybe the rest of the summer.

    Need to be back in London at the end of the month for a week or so, so my itinerary this week will be partly driven by having a place to leave Mazurka and transport to and from London.  

    Also posted this video to Facebook earlier.  I’m about 6″ under the fixed bridge height with my mast and bimini up.  I was very cautious last year. This year it’s fun going under the bridges.

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