I got into Seneca Falls about 6 pm yesterday after a multi-modal trip from London.  Miles drove me to Niagara Falls then I took two Greyhound segments, a NY Trailways bus, a municipal bus, and my first Uber ride!  It was much smoother than it sounds 🙂  I immediately got underway when I reached the boat.  I had made tentative plans to be in the Kingston area on Saturday, and thought I might get to Oswego late today if I hustled.  Canals are best navigated at a leisurely pace, but I was covering familiar ground and thought I was ready to get back to Canada.

So I actually ended up noodling along last night for several hours after dark.  This section has navigation markers and I was on a sections with no locks.  It was quite pleasant and I didn’t feel it was unsafe.  I ended up anchoring in Cross Lake for the night.  Pleasant spot.

Watching the weather it was pretty clear that Saturday was not going to be a good day to cross from Oswego to Kingston.  I looked at alternatives like heading for the St Lawrence but any way you cut it there is open water from Oswego.  When I got up this morning the forecast was worse, and Friday night was also a no-go for getting across.

That allowed me to slow down.  I also took a side trip to Brewerton to fill up with some really cheap fuel.

So now with the plan to enter Lake Ontario on Sunday I’m not in any rush.  I pulled into Phoenix mid afternoon.  It was hot and humid and I’d been here last year.  Yet another charming free well serviced place to stop.  So I tied up, plugged in and turned on the air conditioning.

I’ve been posting to Facebook all afternoon and evening, but have to say that this is my kind of cruising.  I’m tied up at this beautiful little park/boardwalk, and the locals are having a party!  Food, a great band, and low-key summer merriment.  This has happened a few times now.  In Seneca Falls they seemed to do something almost every day.  Here’s a video – you can see Mazurka as I pan.

I also saw a big canal cruising boat coming through the lock.  Met a woman who lives right on the canal close by and she was there to meet it – turns out it comes through once a year!  We had a great chat about it.  Here are the deets:

Tomorrow I will get closer to Oswego, but it’s not that far, something like 20 miles and a few locks.  There are a few good places like this one to stop along the way.  Weather looks good Sunday for a dash across the lake.

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