I anchored last night in a nice pool just below Lock 7 that’s outside the channel. Dropped the anchor in about 7 feet of water. Muddy bottom, no weeds. Cottages on two sides, but not close.

Sounds great, right? I think so.

But there seems to be an almost universal culture of day tripping from dock to dock. I’m not behaving according to the norms.

When I suggested to the lockmaster that I would anchor out he said that nobody had done that in this area.

An hour or two after I dropped anchor – about 8 pm – a guy came up in a runabout. At first I thought he was fishing, but after asking if I was all right he explained that he had a home nearby, had lived in the area all his life. After I told him what I was doing he seemed satisfied and took off.

Anyway, I like anchoring out. It’s private, free, and I can pee over the side! Will continue to do it whenever possible.

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