I want to have people visit me aboard. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Hopefully this blog will help. If you’re reading this and want to join me for a few hours or a few days reach out.

Any questions, concerns or fears, just ask.

For example, I plan to go through Peterborough Sunday or Monday. The lift lock there is world famous, an amazing piece of 19th century engineering. Come join me for the lift.

The Plan

I expect to be aboard pretty much all the time for the next six weeks or so, and this segment of my journey ends in Chicago.

You may want to get out a map. I’m currently just north of Trenton. There are basically three major segments.

Trent Severn Waterway: I’m on it now, heading to Rice Lake, Peterborough, Bobcageon, etc. Google it.

Georgian Bay: after exiting the Trent Severn it’s north through the small boat passage up to Killarney, then exploring the North Channel. I expect to be leaving that area around August month end.

Lake Michigan: from Macinac down the lake to Chicago. Think I’ll go down the western side. I think of this as a delivery trip. Pick the weather and scoot. It’s 300 miles down the lake, and generally speaking I don’t enjoy open water.

I’m Underway!

Meant to write earlier. I’ll try to fill in the deets later, but all is good. Had the motor professionally repaired and fixed the niggling electrical problems and all systems are good. I launched on the weekend at Bowmanville, set out Tuesday evening, and had a marvelous trip down the lake at night to Presqu’ile and anchored just inside the point. Next day I didn’t move. Napped and started to clean up and organize.

Today I went through the Murray Canal to Trenton, stopped to refuel, pick up a few things and eat lunch. Then north on the Trent Severn. I’m now anchored just below lock 7.

That’s the basics.

Sunset in Presqu’ile

Falcon (or eagle?) On the lower TS.