Let’s Get Going!

Have I mentioned this before? I hate waves. I was thinking about how to put this. But that’s it in a nutshell. If I kept a detailed log that would allow me to identify the 100 worst hours of my life I’d bet that the majority of those hours would be on a boat in waves. Before my jaw resection a few years ago it would have been the vast majority.

Some people get squeamish when out of sight of land. Not me. It’s the threat of seasickness that I go to great lengths to avoid. And generally it’s all about waves.

I’m about to jump off on a largely open water stretch, from here to Chicago. I’m in Pointe au Baril now. Plan to stop in Sault Ste. Marie to clear into the US but other than that don’t have any required or even desired stops. My preference is to go down the west side on Lake Michigan. Haven’t spent any time boating in the northwest segment.

The boat is ready. Did some organizing and packing today and checked motor and systems. I got back to the boat yesterday but chose to stay put because of weather. A cold front is just going through and the weather looks benign for the next two days. So it’s off for some open lake cruising.

Tomorrow’s route will take me through Killarney en route to Little Current. I may duck into Collins Inlet – love that passage – but if it’s flat on the lake I’ll likely not. May even bypass Killarney. May get to Little Current, or close. It all depends on the waves.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Going!”

  1. With you on the wave thing. Ugh. Good luck avoiding them. I hear some of the seasickness medication has gotten better. Ask Mal. It’s a family thing.


  2. I’ve been seasick. It’s AWFUL! The worst time was when I took a ferry to Haida Gwaii in gale-force winds. I swore I would fly off that island on the way back, but fortunately it was much calmer on the way back.


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