The Soo

I’m tied up at the transient marina in Sault Ste Marie. Had a leisurely trip up from the anchorage this morning. Glorious weather, sunny and clear.

Gave the boat a good cleaning, fixed a leaking shaft seal, got my hair cut. A good day. Went to Montana’s Grill right next door for dinner. A bit heavy on the meat. But I did order the sampler plate…

I’m not in any panic to move on. Looks like the lake is too rough for my comfort right now through tomorrow. Monday is maybe ok but then there is a few days of calm sunny weather. So I may be noodling around this area for another couple of days. I like it. Rugged beauty, nice clean green water, relatively few cottages. Will take the ship route out, which is not the way I came in.

I have the heat on, since I’m plugged in. It’s chilly outside. Guess that’s not unusual for northern Ontario in September. Been lucky so far with weather.

If I stay here tomorrow I will see more of the town. I’m close to a couple of museums. Happy to be in a place that’s new to me.

Next stop USA! When I leave here I need to cross the river and have a face to face interaction with a customs official to get a cruising permit for the boat. Sounds pretty routine, but it’s been looming large for me. Will be happy to have it done.

Sorry, no pictures today.

Edit: think I know where I’m going tomorrow:

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