Welcome to the USA!

Well, that was painless. Got a call from the Port Authority who was issuing my cruising permit. All done, come on over. So I cruised across the river, filled up with fuel while I used ROAM to clear in, then biked up to the border crossing station to pick up the cruising permit.

Got a Verizon Unlimited plan. $75/mo pay as you go. Using it now.

I left the marina about 3:00 and cruised down the ship channel. Only encountered one ship upbound and stayed well out of its way. I’m now anchored in a broad bay with a very light SE breeze. Calm water, no clouds, the only lights I can see are navigation markers. Sitting in the cockpit looking straight at one of the dippers. Shorts and a fleecy. Can’t beat it.


Weather looks like more of the same – clear, warm, calm. As long as I keep lots of sunscreen on I think I’ll be fine :-). Am feeling very good about getting down the lake.

Filled up with fuel. Will publish detailed comsumption stats at some point soon. I care about that.

This was a man-made section of the downbound channel. Pretty good following current, 1-2 knots.

A passing ship

And the obligatory sunset picture. This is almost getting old…

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