Am writing this from the flybridge. Another spectacularly nice evening. I’m anchored in the middle of the lake and all is quiet except for about a dozen boats slowly trawling around. I’m assuming they’ll quit at some point. No bugs but the occasional jumping fish.

Had an uneventful trip down, left at 9:30 and got in here at 7:30. Am going to try to get underway much earlier tomorrow. Voyaging around here is basically done in straight lines in the open lake between ports. Not really my kind of thing. But the weather is perfect. The sun went behind some clouds today for an hour or so. First time in days. I’m sitting out now in shorts and a tee shirt.

In other news, I knew I lost a $50 bill about a month ago. My coffee mug fell off the dash this morning as I was leaving Beaver Island and when I was picking up pieces of the broken mug I found the bill in the drain.

Today I made more of an effort to stay out of the sun. Most of the time I stay outside or stand inside to watch the horizon, to avoid motion sickness. Today was very calm most of the trip, and I could actually relax inside. No other boats around and I was going slow so could pop up every few minutes to look around.

In open water I carry my speed to suit conditions. If it’s really flat I go slow for efficiency, but generally speed up as waves increase. Today was mostly at 6.5 – 7.5 knots.

Weather looks perfect for getting down the lake, waves 1 foot or less through Monday.

Had a good burrito at Dinghy’s restaurant and picked up some milk, had a walk down the main drag. Looks like a nice town.

This was taken around 2:00 after the wind pooped out completely.

Sleeping Bear dunes

Point Betsey light and some houses up on the dunes. Bet they dread every big storm…

I walked down to the park to get a sunset shot

My dinghy

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