A little Loop

Samantha and Sarah jetted in this weekend for a quick visit. Lovely. And they indulged me in a long, mostly boring, occasionally rough, and relentlessly dark and cold boat trip.

My boat went in the water a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been staying on the north dock at Crowley’s. Good power and out of the hustle and bustle. I’m very pleased with the heating capabilities of the reverse cycle a/c.

I really wanted to do a shakedown cruise before setting off. I fixed a couple of nagging issues with the motor and wanted to make sure all was in order. It is. I also had the prop rebuilt and it’s definitely smoother.

In any case, we went up the Calumet to the Sanitary Canal, then up to Chicago. Spent the night in DuSable Harbor, had a great dinner out, and zoomed down the lake this morning to get back to the yard.

Planning on leaving in about a week so will try to blog about the preparations.

This is the O’Brien lock, taking us down from the Calumet port area to the level of the Illinois Waterway. Just a small drop of a couple of feet, we just idled in the middle of the lock. There was a corresponding lock up at the lake in Chicago downtown.

Past a steel mill

Coming into the Loop

DuSable Harbor

Heading south on the lake

Thanks Samantha and Sarah for the pictures, and for joining me!

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