Off we go

My plan is to get underway at about 0700 tomorrow. Timing seem right as there is freezing temps and snow in the forecast a few days out.

Not unexpectedly I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days. I’ve been making lists and chipping away at things but I generally don’t get going until the last minute. I just finished the last item an hour ago, repositioning the lower helm chair.

Anyway, I feel ready.

This segment takes me from the Calumet River to the Illinois Waterway, which runs about 325 miles to flow into the Mississippi at Grafton IL. There are a few small towns and marinas along the way. I did this trip in 1991 in a sailboat, so I have some idea of what to expect. It’s also a required passage for Loopers.

My plan is to stay on the Mississippi to Louisiana. The alternative (generally preferred) route calls for leaving the Mississippi at Cairo IL, about 200 miles downstream of Grafton, so that’s my go/no go point. Assuming I stay on the Ms it’s then another 650 miles with only two stops for yachts.

I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with the new electronics during the trip to Grafton. I don’t expect any major drama on that segment. Famous last words…

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