Ottawa Illinois

Just tied up at another free visitor’s dock with power. The last 45 minutes were traveled in the dark as I waited about 90 minutes for the Marseilles lock. That seems to be typical – the tows take a long time to lock through, and have priority over us PCs.

So after 2 full days I’ve come 90 miles. 240 to go on the Illinois Waterway. I’ve been getting underway at 0700 but will try to start earlier tomorrow.

No real drama today. It’s chilly outside, around 5c today, but I keep the heat on inside and spend most of my time there. I took advantage of the delays at locks to tidy up and fine tune my new electronics. The radar is great. I didn’t have any problems coming in here after dark and felt comfortable operating from inside.

I’m going to walk downtown for some dinner then get to bed early. Think I was asleep before ten last night.

The obligatory selfie. Glad Sarah left her hat aboard!

I passed what appeared to be a houseboat community kind of in the middle of nowhere

Lots of tows

For one of them I had to tuck in between the big bollards to let the tow go by.

Lots of fun!

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