Woke up at about 9:00 to this

The reverse cycle heat is working OK, but is at its limits with falling air and presumably falling water temps. Inside air temp was 65f. I dug out the ceramic heater I carry and plugged that in. Now back up to a comfy 72.

The forecast doesn’t look great, with an overnight low tonight forecast for -7c and strong northwest winds and a high tomorrow of 0 (but sunny!). It doesn’t get much better for the next few days, and even St Louis has sub freezing temps forecast into next week

There aren’t a lot of spots to stop between here and Grafton at the entrance to the Mississippi 160 miles away. I’m planning to be self sufficient for a couple of days and anchor out for this segment of the trip. Planning an easy three days but can probably do it in two if I don’t hit delays at the two remaining locks.

My generator is in fine shape, so I’ll be keeping it on continuously for the next couple of days after I leave here. I’m thinking of getting a second electric heater in case the a/c system quits or stops working as water temps drop. I’ve got lots of fuel to get to Grafton or Alton and run the genset. Current plan is to hang here today and set out down the river tomorrow morning.

It’s been reported that Verizon service is very spotty between here and Grafton so I may be offline for a couple of days after I leave here.

Wish me luck!

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