Lay Day

I had some issues last week with the reverse cycle a/c that I’ve been using for heat. See my Peoria entry for the first incident. The system has been on basically for a week nonstop.

I woke up this morning at dawn and found the heat had failed. No water being pumped through. Is was cold last night, about -7c.

I worked on it until about 9:00 and got it working, sort of. The water loop through the unit was full of frozen goo. Should have taken a picture. After I thawed it out I blew it clear, and it was like a thick gray paste. I’m going to shut it down until I get to warm weather and warm water when I’ll flush it out properly.

At this point I decided to stay put for the day. Got a rental car for the day, with pickup and drop off at the marina, and bought a couple of 1500w heaters as well as a few groceries and sundries. Filled the water tanks and cleaned up. Comfy inside now with the new heaters, and silent.

Plan is to get underway early tomorrow. Weather looks cool but clear. It seems most Loopers go to Hoppies next. I don’t have plans to stop there. Playing it by ear. Two locks to get through early in the day.

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