Ok, I like this stop so far. Came about 40 miles this morning, relaxed travel. Passed my buddies for the fourth day

They pulled in behind me this afternoon, so maybe we’ll get to chat. Pretty sure they’ve come down from Lake Michigan as well. Not going fast. A couple of people have mentioned a kayaker who paddled through recently. So there is some recreational traffic, but visiting pleasure boats are a bit of a novelty it seems. There is a cruise ship tied up here right now. They run a ramp out from the bow to the ramp for passengers to disembark.

There are still some logs to dodge. I actually hit a big one that I missed seeing. Good clunk as I ran over it followed by the outboard kicking up as the dinghy went over it. No big deal, but I still have to pay attention. Today was a little harder as I had a 10-20 knot south wind that at times kicked up the waves enough to make spotting them harder.

In Vicksburg there is a seawall/ramp that is easy to land the dinghy on, and I set bow and stern anchors to stay well out of the way of commercial traffic on the Yazoo River.

The last pic is taken from a river museum that has a towboat ashore as an exhibit. Pretty cool. And free!

The old downtown is cute and vibrant. I’m here until at least tomorrow. Enjoying some pub fare as I write this. It’s 21C today, the warmest it’s been, but grey and occasional rain. Supposed to get sunny and cold over that next couple of days, but not below freezing.

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