End of the Mississippi

I arrived at the Old River Lock around 4:00 and anchored here in the adjacent working harbour for the night. Tomorrow I’ll descend to the Atchafalaya River.

I left the old river by Natchez around 8:00. Another clear calm cool day, but warmer than yesterday. Put my bimini up for the first time since September. I was hoping to see how the cruise ship managed to secure, and found two on the bank

After leaving Natchez I was keen to explore the banks. I ventured into that areas outside to the main channel, in behind islands and over sand bars. I found a couple of more cuts into old sections of the river.

It was a fun day. I found myself thinking that it would be fun to do a trip up bound, hugging the shore and staying in shallow water. In many places the current isn’t bad, 1-2 mph. And in most cases it’s well clear of the tows.

As an experiment I tried logging my path with Nebo. I’ll try to share that when I figure out how.

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