East of New Orleans

I’m anchored here. Nice evening.

I got underway from Houma after a nice breakfast with Ronney and friends. It’s been fun for me meeting a bunch of folks around there.

Yesterday I covered familiar ground. Anchored in a familiar spot at an entrance to Lake Salvador

Weather has been perfect, calm and daytime temps in the low 70s.

I crashed early last night and slept for 12 hours. Guess it takes two good sleeps to make up for the one I lost Friday driving.

Today was mostly new territory for me. I went through a seawall with the world’s largest drainage pump station

Shortly after that it was through the Harvey Locks which lift from the West Gulf Intracoastal Waterway up to the Mississippi just across the river from New Orleans. The lift was 11 feet. Then a few miles down the river, past downtown, and into the Industrial Canal and a lock down to the East Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

Leaving the Industrial Canal and heading east on the GICW I went through the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier. Big wall!

Here’s the view from the FB where I’ve been writing this. Beautiful evening. Birds, fish and insects around.

Tomorrow it’s continuing east. Haven’t looked at my route yet, but towards Gulfport MS.

One thought on “East of New Orleans”

  1. It was nice to have Jeff down in Cajun country for a few days. He got to meet the Wednesday night boating supper club and the “every day solve the world problems breakfast club.” GOOD LUCK STAY DRY HAVE FUN


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