I’m in a slip at the municipal marina. Nice facility, had a long shower on shore and have heat on. Unfortunately I dawdled and napped a little too long and missed closing time on all the restaurants close by. But did have a pleasant walk around downtown and ate a salad at McDonalds that was surprisingly decent. I’ve come to realize that as long as I get Diet Coke I’m not all that fussy about the food đŸ™‚

Today was pleasant. Brilliantly sunny with a north wind about 20 kt, jacket weather. I was following the GICW and it runs about 8 miles offshore along here. It was choppy enough at midday that I was getting spray on the flybridge, so I headed inshore, poked into Long Beach, then came over here and filled up with fuel. Stats for the segment from Morgan City to here with about ten extra days noodling around:

Distance traveled: 475 miles

Motor hours: 78 main, 20 generator

Fuel: 105 gallons

That’s 4.5 mpg, 1.35 gph. I’m happy with that.

Tomorrow I’m going to give the outside a good scrubbing before leaving. Not in any rush, as I’m probably going to stop in Biloxi which is not far away.

It’s nice to see sailboats here. First time in any numbers since Chicago.

The only picture I took was of birds flying along behind me

Oh and I saw a pair of nutria when I was walking back to the boat. They’re pretty big.

The marina attendant said I’m the first Canadian boat he’s seen in more than a year here. Guess that will change once I get to Mobile.

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