Florida diversions

I flew back to Louisiana Thursday to retrieve my car and dinghy, then drove 11 hours to get back to Mazurka. Had help from Eric and Rosalie getting my flight out of Tampa and Ronney met me in New Orleans to drive me back to my car at his place in Houma. Smooth sailing thanks to their help.

On the theme of boating adventures, I have two dinghies that I race, a Laser and a Snipe. Brought my Laser down to race in a couple of regattas on the east coast of Florida.

I’m off for a week of road cycling in Central Florida with Samantha and Sarah later today. Then back to the boat, and I have to three weeks to cruise over to Ft Pierce for a weekend gathering of Trawler Forum folks, then about ten days of racing in West Palm Beach and Jensen Beach.

I still need to juggle car and boats… Somewhere along the line I need to get everything in the same place again in West Palm Beach. Likely I’ll try to leave my car there before I leave Tarpon Springs on Feb 4.

It’s kind of fun to retrace my boat path by land. The drive across the panhandle confirmed my impression that the area is pretty empty of people this time of year.

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