Peace River

Today was fun. I’m anchored here, up the river from Punta Gorda. Very quiet and peaceful here, mangrove swamp all around.

Yesterday I was up and underway early. Followed the ICW south. When I got to the mouth of Charlotte Harbor I turned in. Anchored here last night. Nothing remarkable about the day, except for ongoing spectacular weather.

Today I went into the creek to have a look around, then skirted mud flats to go around to Punta Gorda.

I anchored just off Fisherman’s Village and was thinking of going ashore for lunch, but then saw some boats racing in the bay, and got curious. Went over to watch them. Harbor 20 class, looks like a fun boat for older sailors.

Then I headed up the Peace River. Went as far as I could before running out of water, about five miles upstream of where I am now.

I really like following rivers. Tomorrow I’m going to head up the Myakka River on the other side of the bay. I read in one of my cruising guides that it’s navigable a long way up. We’ll see.

Here’s my depth Sounder in the middle of the bay today. I start bumping bottom at about 0.8 feet :-). The water’s pretty skinny around here.

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