Heading North

The next Sprint begins. I left Sanford this morning, stopped in Welacka for dinner, then anchored here. Nice calm evening. Nobody around.

I arrived back in Sanford Saturday night, but wasn’t in a big rush to leave. My fresh water had gone foul before I left the boat, and I flushed it out and ran some bleach through. All good now.

My plan is to head north on the ICW at moderate speed. I need to find a spot to leave the boat for a few months starting May 5. Probably best to get it hauled. I’d like to get to the Hudson River. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to switch gears a bit in this blog pretty soon. Here’s a teaser.

Here’s what’s on my camera from the last few days. Gators, of course, hanging around the marina. Given the state of the docks and the insobriety of some of the liveaboards their patience may be rewarded 🙂

I finally got a good look at a manatee today. They’re huge and weird. Not t sure how they can coexist with the gators.

That’s all the photos I’ve taken. Will try to do better. But I’m basically retracing my path back to Jacksonville, so no new sights until I get back on the ICW.

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