Manasquan Inlet

I’m anchored here. Not the greatest spot, but it’ll work. It’s calm now, first time in about a week. The reversing tidal current runs at about 2 knots. And no traffic. Most of the boats here are still shrink wrapped.

I slept in a bit this morning, then headed up to Tom’s River. Went right up to the top and tied up at a nice little park and had lunch ashore.

After Tom’s River I didn’t see anywhere I wanted to explore, and headed up the bay. I liked the clouds in this shot.

Eventually we got to the canal running between the top of Barnegat Bay and the Manasquan River. The tide was favourable and we had a 4-5 mph tail current.

Tomorrow it’s NYC! Lower Bay is about 25 miles away. Out the inlet, turn left and follow the shore.

I was first planning to steam right through, but I’ve been reading and looking at maps, and I think I might stay a few days. I’m a week ahead of schedule. There’s a mooring field at 78th St that looks great. Tomorrow I’m going to Great Kills on Staten Island, which also looks like a good stop.

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