In Praise of Shoulder Season Cruising

I’ve been anchored here in Great Kills Harbor for 48 hours. Here’s the view as I write in the cockpit in shorts.

Pretty nice, huh? I love this place. Went to the S side of the harbor yesterday in my dinghy, easy docking and several very good restaurants right there. Today I went over to the boat ramp and biked to a nice grocery store. If I wanted to go to Manhatten there are buses within a block or two. And it’s free! My kind of place.

As an alternative, the cheapest transient dock in NYC would cost about $100/night in season, and there are places where it’d be $300 for my boat.

In the summer of course the harbor would be full of boats and have more people ashore. Might not be a great place. But it’s lovely right now.

That got me thinking about my trip up the ICW, and timing of the trip, and the trade offs that go with doing it at different times of year. Think that’ll be another entry.

Tomorrow I haul anchor and go exploring. I’m going to go over to the Jersey side and around Staten Island, and see where that takes me. Maybe come back here, or to another harbour at 78th St on the Upper West Side.

2 thoughts on “In Praise of Shoulder Season Cruising”

    1. Not dumb. I traveled from Oswego to Buffalo in 2016 then did the return trip in 2017 with a diversion down into the Finger Lakes. I really enjoyed it.

      Not sure yet whether I’ll take the Erie back or go up through Lake Champlain.


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