Well, that was painless. Lizzie is now at the yard in Chicago.

This is a major milestone. I’ve been plotting and scheming about this for three months.

I rented a 3/4 ton truck – a new F250 diesel – from Enterprise Truck Rental in Indiana, drove to Ontario, closed on the boat, and towed it here. Just returned the truck. Nice machine, very stable and gobs of power. Total cost including rental, fuel and tolls was about US$700. Trailer was very stable. I didn’t have the hitch high enough, but no issues. I also talked with Enterprise in London, and they had similar pricing and availability. I wasn’t sure about renting a tow vehicle, but it was easy and effective. I’d do that again.

It’s cold and rainy here tonight, but sunny tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting to know Lizzie better then. I have lots to do but hope to be sailing within a week.

Here we are leaving St Thomas. That’s where the boat was built.

And at a stop in MI

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