Sailing day 2

Nice day out on the lake. Wind 5-8 knots. We had the original genoa up. Like the main it’s quite serviceable. I think I’ll put the newer sails in storage for the time being.

We sailed upwind for a while then put up the big spinnaker for the trip back.

Rigging with the sprit seems straightforward. About the only major change I’m thinking about is having slugs put on the main. I don’t think I’ll install furling.

Boat handles very well, and feels fast. I’m really pleased and excited. It was nice having Samantha and Sarah here for the maiden sail. They like the boat.

Next on the to-do list is installation of electronics. I brought the radar and MFD from Mazurka, and have a new autopilot and VHF. Ockam system is working, but I need to invest some time in understanding and calibration. Not sure about integration of wind and autopilot, but not fussed if it doesn’t happen.

The cockpit is quite comfortable for lying in athwartships, kind of where Sarah and Samantha are in this pic. I can imagine napping there.

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