Water Ballast

I’ve documented the system here in an earlier post. Today I filled the tanks at the dock. That required getting the pump working. I still have a small leak in the pump but it’s an easy fix. No other leaks that I can see. I’m planning to replace/lube the gate valves as well before I leave. That requires a lift, but it’s an easy job.

I filled both tanks first. The transom was a good 3″ lower.

A couple of hours later I checked for leaks, then drained the port tank. Whoa. I almost lost my tool box off the deck.

This boat has a lot of stability. I guess I was prepared to see the heel induced by the full tank but it was still dramatic.

With the tanks empty the waterline is just below the transom

Note the radar. Got that finally installed today.

I’m really looking forward to sailing in a breeze. Looks like it’s light through to early next week.

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