Question of the day

Random question of the day: is Michael Barbaro computer generated? When I asked Google I didn’t get a ready answer.

I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to every episode of The Daily, and before that a politics podcast he hosted during the 2016 presidential election. I’m also a digital subscriber to the NYT and read their top stories pretty much daily.

Now obviously he’s a real person. But there’s a huge talented team producing these shows, and strong editorial oversight. I guess what I’m saying is it’s a big deal for the NYT. They’re breaking new ground.

I’ve come to the conclusion that an awful lot of Michael’s content comes from a keyboard. He’s laid down a gazillion words and phrases, and a computer does the rest.

If we can watch dead actors on the screen thanks to the miracles of CGI maybe we can listen to Michael host the daily in perpetuity…

Lemme know what the real story is.

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