Tobermory, leaving

Since arriving here six days ago I’ve had a couple of days of shore time home in Guelph. Dropped off the spinnaker for repair. Got a new runner made. Not perfect, but I’m sailing.

Samantha, Sarah and I came back up here Friday night. We headed out Saturday afternoon in cruising mode, sailed past the flowerpots then spent the night anchored in Wingfield Basin.

Sunday we sailed down to Lion’s Head for lunch, then Wiarton for dinner. We anchored at the head of the bay. Calm quiet night.


Today started calm, but we had a nice sail once the wind came up. Got in here for supper. Fun few days. We agreed that with a few minor mods we could do more fast cruising on TL. A sunshade is on the list. Sarah’s improvised one this morning was great.

Here I’m checking on the new runner.

Tomorrow I’m heading down Lake Huron. Think I’ll stop everywhere I can, at least stick my nose in. Forecast is for light reaching conditions.

2 thoughts on “Tobermory, leaving”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Love reading your posts. Glad to see you are sailing again. My daughter Betsy had some nice sailing off Rhode Island last month – racing on one of the former America Cup boats. A change from the 35 footers! Did I read you did the Mackinac?



  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for following. I was registered for the solo Chicago Mac in June but wasn’t ready. Now heading for Lake Erie to do a solo 310 mile race there.


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