I still like Mazurka. Phew.

I had all sorts of feelings of dread driving back to Kingston NY. I had left Mazurka in the water at a small marina in May, and they had hauled it and stored it ashore. I figured this was safer and less expensive, but wasn’t there to make sure it was level, properly supported, etc. And I’d forgotten to ask them to pull the drain plug. Touring dozens of derelict boats at Crowley’s this summer didn’t help.

I also wondered how I’d like the boat after playing on Tin Lizzie all summer. That was a blast.

As it turned out the boat was fine. Pretty grimy outside but dry and just as I left it inside.

And the big diesel? It started instantly, and as soon as I climbed up on the flybridge and backed out of the travelift well I was smiling.

The boat’s running well. I washed the outside from the deck up this evening.

The only minor annoyance is that the VHF radio no longer works. And to compound the problem I lost my handheld earlier this summer on Tin Lizzie. Think I’ll pick up a new handheld before heading up the locks. I wanted one with DSC anyway.

Anyway, I still like the look of the boat, and it suits me.

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