It feels kind of weird to be here in Mazurka. I’ve gotten close, but this is the first time in this end of Lake Ontario.

I arrived – as usual – without a plan. I stopped in at Marina Quay West – more on that later – and after touring the islands I’m anchored here in the Outer Harbour. Nice secure spot, but I’m pretty much trapped on the boat because the dinghy motor refuses to start. Could be because it was dragged underwater for a while last week 🙂

It’s been a leisurely trip along the north shore of the lake. Yesterday I stopped in Newcastle for lunch. Nice spot.

Last night I anchored in Whitby and today came over to Toronto. I stopped at every port in between.

I’ve been thinking seriously about wintering here, living aboard the boat in the water. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. There are winter slips in two of the inner harbour marinas. I will be applying for one tomorrow, and looking for a spot to park Mazurka for a few weeks while I do some land travel. The winter slip doesn’t become available until late October.

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