Spring Plans

The road trip to Florida helped me to talk out my plans, and I think I have things settled.

2020 will be broadly a repeat of last summer, sailing Tin Lizzie around the lakes. I think I’ll start in Sarnia or Lake St Clair, and do the GLSS race to Mac in late June, noodle around North Channel and Georgian Bay for a few weeks, then likely come down to race in the GLSS Trans Erie in early August.

After chatting about it with Samantha and Sarah I still wasn’t super excited about this until I went back and watched my videos from last summer. That got me energized. I’m really lucky to have these opportunities, and I’m planning my spring and summer around this.

My winter dockage is up late April, so I’ll most likely head up to Lake Erie then and see if I can find a parking spot for Mazurka for the summer somewhere in Lake Huron. I’ve been thinking of selling Mazurka, but I still want to do all the inland rivers. Will think about heading south from Chicago in the fall on Mazurka.

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