The weather hasn’t been great here, and so I stayed in winter mode until a few days ago, when I finally took the cover off.

My winter dockage was up on May 1, but since all marinas have been locked down most folks didn’t have anywhere to go, so we’ve all sort of been in limbo. As of this week clubs and marinas are allowed to open, and seem to be doing so slowly.

I found a replacement dinghy on Kijiji. Don’t know if I mentioned here, but I gave away my old Avon RIB 310. It was pretty far gone. I was thinking of buying a new one but came across a used Zeppelin 300 aluminum bottom. Just what I had in mind.

I was especially happy when my outboard started up today. I had dunked it thoroughly last September and hadn’t run it since, just put lots of oil in the cylinders and put it away. Hard to kill those two stroke outboards!

There are a few other maintenance items to tick off, and at some point I want to haul and swap props and reduction gears, but am planning to give up my slip here and get underway at the end of the month. Heading east, with the hope that the Rideau Canal or the St Lawrence Seaway opens in June. Staying flexible.

Tin Lizzie will stay on the trailer for the foreseeable future. I have a replacement rudder in Indiana that I can’t go fetch, and the boat needs to go in the shop for a new stern tube. Hopefully we’ll get out later in the summer, but it looks like no racing this year.

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