Ottawa River

Since I’ve never traveled the Ottawa River I thought I’d take a cruise down from Ottawa as far as I could, which is the Carrillon Lock near Hawksbury ON. Normally the lock provides passage through to meet up with the St Lawrence River near Montreal, but it is closed this season.

Not much to report. I locked down yesterday and headed down the river. Got to the lock at dusk. My plan had been to spend the night there. I thought I had read that there was an open visitors centre. But the floating docks weren’t out and there were a bunch of folks fishing who had jumped the fence, so I turned around. Had a beautiful moonlit cruise back up the river until about 0100 when I stopped and anchored.

Sunset on the Ottawa River

It was relentlessly clear and sunny yesterday, and despite lots of sunscreen and trying to stay in the shade I was pretty scorched by the end of the day. This morning when I got up I couldn’t face another day outside under the sun and so cruised back up to Ottawa staying inside with the AC on. Made the last lock up and am now back on the canal.

Tomorrow I head back down the canal towards Kingston. Meeting Gavin and Emerson in Smith’s Falls, and they’re going to go down to Kingston with me.

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