I came across Lake Simcoe this afternoon from Barrie. Played with a variety of speeds between 7-9 knots. I’m really pleased with the economy and ease of operation in that range. The boat just slides along. Reminds me more than anything of small ferries I’ve been on. I guess that makes sense given its heritage. I like it. I also like that I’ve had no temptation to go up top. Docking and maneuvering is very easy from the pilothouse, and I have good 360 degree visibility using the back window and sticking my head out either door. Boat has wicked prop torque in reverse, and I’m learning how to harness it for good when maneuvering.

I’m now secure just inside the swing bridge for the night. Fall hours are 10:00 – 3:30. But I’m not in a big rush. Canceled my shore side obligations this week and will travel each day. I have a few projects like installing the generator that I’ll poke away at en route down the waterway.

When I came south through here 4 years ago I was tied up on the lake side when a 28′ flybridge boat came through from the canal side and steamed straight into the bridge. Took out the top of the boat and disabled the bridge for a day. Fun times. I had the minor equivalent earlier today on a fixed bridge when I lost the top couple of feet of my VHF antenna. Bridge is fine :-). Mast is now down for the duration of the trip.

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