I’m anchored here just above Buckhorn Lock. I arrived there shortly after lockage stopped for the day at 3:30, then steamed back here to spend the night at anchor. The destination locks in this section always collect overnight dockage fees, and I’m just as happy out here. They open at 10:00 tomorrow.

I’m really liking driving the boat. Got the autopilot fully figured out, and am feeling very confident in close quarters maneuvering. I backed out of the Buckhorn Lock entrance into the breeze today rather than try to turn around in the channel. Made it fairly cleanly. Using the thrusters I can slowly approach a wall and easily come alongside. Pretty slick.

I’m also liking the inside. I like to sprawl, and there are comfortable places for me to hang out in the pilothouse and the salon. The outdoor grade cushion coverings are perfect for me.

Today was warm with a moderate south wind. Beautiful day. Tomorrow it cools off. Probably should look for long pants. I should have some aboard somewhere.

Stopped for a few minutes in Bobcageon to grab some takeout sandwiches from the Italian Deli, but otherwise just cruised along. Spent a lot of time at 5.5 – 6.5 knots. Tonight I am digging into my inverter and AC system a bit. Getting familiar with what I have, and figuring out what I may want.

More of the same for the next few days. I’m enjoying this.

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