2021 Travel Plans

I’m itching to get going. Picked up my new dinghy today.

New dink.

And I have a travel plan. I’m going to do a reverse great loop. East out the St Lawrence, around Nova Scotia, down the east coast of the US to Florida, across to the Gulf of Mexico, then up the rivers to Chicago.

I like big loops. And I like to keep moving. This books in the next year or so. Summer 2022 I really want to get back to sailing in Ontario. I’ll either arrive back on Escapade in the spring or leave Escapade on the rivers somewhere and return in the fall.

My winter dockage is ending at the end of April. I’ll be leaving Toronto in early May, noodling east for the opening of the Rideau Canal, then up to Ottawa, down to Montreal and down the river.

I had been thinking of exploring Labrador and Newfoundland, but I think that’s too ambitious. As usual I’ll make plans on the fly. No time constraints other than seasonal, and I’m happy to be a straggler heading south.

I think Escapade will be a fine river runner, and I’ve been itching to head north from Mobile. I really want to explore the Tennessee and Ohio rivers.

I’ve designed out extra tankage and will order and install in the US before that segment. Apart from that I’ve solved for all the major boat issues, I think. Time to put down some miles…

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